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Pre-Election Rally for Separation of Church and State

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Jeanette M. N. and Lanny


What: Pre-election Rally for Separation of Church and State
When: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 3:30-6 p.m.
Where: West steps of the state capitol building
Permit held by: Denver Atheists & Freethinkers (D.A.F.T.)

Goals: To provide individuals and organizations with an opportunity to speak out and show support for a wall of separation between religion and government, and against erosion of our legal rights on this front. To remind the public of some of these issues one month before the elections, at a time when I hope there will be a break in the local hubbub and distractions.

Highlight Issues:

~The case where the 10th District Court ruled against Colorado's ban on tax money going to pay tuition at colleges that discriminate on the basis of religion. Also, creationism in science classes, and "abstinence only" sex ed.

~The "personhood" amendment that defines a fertilized egg as a human being, and would make some forms of birth control, in addition to abortion, murder under the law. (On our state ballot for November).

~On the national level, the Faith-based Initiatives that give taxpayer money to religious charities, so that they can provide social services instead of government (secular) agencies.

~Eternally recurring battles over prayer in school, school vouchers, reproductive freedom, and other issues throughout the nation.

The number of RSVPs for this group alone is probably not indicative of the actual number of participants (I hope). We've passed out a lot of fliers, emailed a lot of organizations, and all of the COCORE groups have been contacted and several are participating and have been spreading the word.

[Special thanks to Metro State Atheists, Freethinkers of Colorado Springs, Marvin Strauss of COCORE, Humanists of Colorado, and all of our speakers, our Assistant Organizers (AOs, in Meetup lingo), and Event Marshals.]

I have also contacted a bunch of t.v. news channels, and they're conveniently located near the event, so if enough people show up we might get a bit of coverage.

I sent out an email to all of you with a list of speakers. There'll probably be time for a few more, so contact me if you have a topic and want to be considered.

Event rules, info on (free!) event parking, and updates have been posted on D.A.F.T.'s message board.

Thank you,
~Jeanette M. Norman
West Steps of the State Capitol Building
Broadway at Colfax Avenue · Denver, CO
How to find us

We'll be at the west steps, near the war memorial statue.

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